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Where The Light is Falling

In my life, in the communities I've trusted to guide my spiritual journey, there's often been encouragement to find where God is already working, and join God in it. A mentor once referred to this as 'looking to see where the light is falling'. It's funny - sometimes I discover that I make false assumptions about where that should be. I tend to refer to work as 'what I do for money', and writing, singing, whatever else, as 'what I do for love'. I fancy myself as someone for whom the corporate job is low priority, just something I do prior to coming home to my 'real life', even though I do like to do it well.

Funnily enough, for a while now, that job is where I've been seeing the light falling. I've been full, just FULL, of ideas of late, at work, constantly problem-solving, streamlining processes, developing trainings and better ways to communicate. It thrills me when we fix something, standardize a response to an issue so we don't need to come up with something from scratch every time, develop ways to connect people to the information they need. Just this past week, a newsletter I created for my department to communicate to other departments was approved and it looks like we'll be sharing it monthly with much of the company.

So, if my non-work life does not seem to be creating the poems and songs it has in other seasons, if much of my non-work life is weeding and painting and creating/maintaining a cozy home, snuggling with family, hanging with friends, if I'm not on any stages anywhere sharing my heart, that's okay. I'm reading, and creating in my work life, and I am content to be in the season that I am.

Sorry, not sorry, to my poet-friends/open mic friends who miss me performing; it's just not that season right now. But I do love y'all and will be continuing to attend events and support you. Also, please check out my friend Erin's new website,, which I helped her create.

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