Studio Beerhorst

I met Rick & Brenda Beerhorst in 2005 after I moved to New York.  They are both full-time artists, and they had just paid for a Brooklyn apartment one year in advance, so that they could afford a New York adventure with their family of 6 kids.  I was often invited over for dinner, and for a while I even performed music with Rick at local venues.  Now I am back in Minnesota and they have gone their separate ways from each other (in Michigan & Germany), our paths don't cross often, but I keep an eye on them - they always inspire me!

Lover's Corner


We Are The Willows Video 'Picture'

Tommy Rehbein is my husband, lover and friend - so I guess it's no surprise that I'm a fan of his musical talents!  Early on, he toured the US and internationally with Small Towns Burn a Little Slower.  When we met, he was in the bands Party House and Farewell Continental, and was doing solo side projects under the moniker International Karate.  Before and between these, he was in LOTS and lots of other bands.  I am always meeting people who say "Oh yeah, we were in such&such a band together back X number of years ago..."  A recent project (which came to an end in May 2017) was a punk band called Naive SenseRobosapien and Toilet Rats are his current projects (Robosapien was originally a solo project, which has now evolved into a band & Toilet Rats is solo, born in the pandemic). Here are a few videos - 'Scratch The Mirror' by Naive Sense, 'What They've Become' by Party House and 'The Greatest of All Time (How You Feelin' Now?)' by Farewell Continental:


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