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Last Reading Done - Now What?

It was a sweet reading. Wonderful crowd and venue. I am so proud of Erin.

Let's see, what's new? We ordered and received a beautiful vintage-style drafting table desk that I hope to use for writing and assembling books and chapbooks. I may obtain a large bulletin board as well. I've decided to re-name my 'work room' as 'the study'. However, I may need to get some bookshelves in there before the name fits properly.

I got the information I need from Erin this week to embark on designing her website, so that'll be in the works in earnest soon.

I cut my hair today. No forethought went into it, just scissors and 5 minutes later, half the hair in the photo above. Warm weather coming.

Big goals being accomplished at work. Spring finally here and leaves on the trees.

There's more. There's not-so-great stuff as well as great stuff. We should probably get together and talk about it all over coffee or tea. I've always had blogs that were more private, shared with friends and others by word of mouth and not on my public website, so I don't quite have it down yet as far as what I'm okay with being public knowledge and what I'm not. So.

I'll see you soon, folks. Be good. Brush your teeth.

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