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Last Reading Before Hiatus

The Minneapolis reading was lovely and well-attended. Erin is Erin, and her work is poignant and sometimes heartbreaking. The images are strong, the emotion direct. Bemidji reading this Saturday, opening for her, will be my final reading before a full-fledged poetry-performance hiatus, for God knows how long. There is a rumor that a New Mexico reading/trip could happen in fall in relation with Erin's book, but I can neither confirm nor deny that will actually happen at this point.

I'm not quite sure what this next season is about. I've been reading a lot, I have intentions to work on my work room (i.e., buy a desk, make it work better for me - more work-room friendly when not being used as a guest room) and revisit publishing some chapbooks that have long been on the back burner, as well as possibly working on another book project that was shelved a year or two ago. I'd like to help Erin get a website up and going as well. House-wise, come spring there are more painting projects, and other home improvements (weather-proofing garage, fixing crumbling concrete steps) - the normal boring adult-y things - that need doing.

As I mentioned, I have been volunteering for the study night we host at church for university students, which, it turns out, I am a little squirrelly at, by which I mean, my capacity to sit still and read/knit etc. for 5 hours with a half hour break of social time is decidedly questionable, although I do enjoy the students (and volunteers) I have met. This reluctance to embrace the stillness may be because after 40 hours of sitting and quietly working at work, I need more human interaction and movement on my off time. I will continue to be involved in this through May, volunteering a couple times a month and showing up for shorter periods of time on my off-weeks. However, I am not sure what my involvement will be if it is re-launched next fall. We'll see.

Well, that is all the new news for now. I'll likely not have too many of my own events to post for a while, but I'll try to include a few other events about town from time to time on the events page. Happy Spring!

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