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3 Months Later

Hello again! I apologize that posting has taken so long to get to. My computer was broken for a bit there and we've also had several internet outages this summer and fall, so betwixt and between all that, time has been slipping away.

I know I had previously indicated I'd be traveling to New Mexico in fall to do one last reading with Erin for the launch of her new book. However, plans changed. It worked out that she went with family and I spent a weekend in New York for the 10-year reunion of Trinity Grace Park Slope, a church I helped start when I lived in Brooklyn. It was a much-needed trip, and though quite short, it was packed with catch up with people that I love, and meeting new people who I now also love.

I was also invited on a last-minute retreat in September, with my sis Nicole and her husband C.J. and their church, to Camp Shamineau (pictured above), where I spent many happy weeks in my childhood and teen years. It is a place filled with happy memories, and I was glad to add some new ones.

What is happening now? My church is in transition, recently having lost our senior pastors, and while the future is unclear there, I have really been enjoying a 4-week class taught on Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the Holy Spirit, led by a psychotherapist who attends my church. While still a bit skeptical, I am appreciating new tools in my toolbelt, so to speak. I like creative ways of approaching life, and this is that.

I am skipping out on my mentoring group for the study they are doing on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, through the end of November, as I did that study with my previous group - instead I am doing the class mentioned above.

After the class ends this Wednesday, with my free time, I'm thinking of hosting some sewing parties at my place (starting the 22nd to see if anyone is interested, and then I'll work in some more around everyone else's schedules since mine is pretty open). Also, I've been transcribing old journals lately, so have been thinking it might be cool to have a group of journalers (people currently journaling or who have historically journaled) who meet up and share our stories, current or past. "What happened for you this week? What happened during these dates in 2010? or 1992?" I just think that might be fantastically interesting; well, it interests me anyway. Let me know if either of these types of get-togethers (sewing party or journaling group) interest you - send me a text or a message, and I'll make sure you get the information you need to come.

I've been sick with a cold (Tommy too) that has been going around now for a week or two, so we are patiently sleeping a lot and waiting for that to pass. At work I have a lot going on, recently finished the draft of a big project that is now in the hands of the Powers That Be to determine next steps. I am please with the progress that is happening, and strapping in for the craziness that always comes with the final quarter of the year. Tommy and the cats are all their sweet selves, and that, I think, is all I can tell you right now.

I hope all is very well for all of you! Let's talk soon, C.

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