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I Want to Make a Music

I've wanted to work on my music for a very very very very long time. And now, I'm getting to. This year, 2020, I have a plan, and I'm working with someone to do just that. Starting recording on an EP (i.e., not a full length album, something shorter, 3 to 5 songs perhaps). I'm cautiously optimistic, and even though I am working with a producer great at what he does, I am still tentative about talking about this much just yet (I assume much like when one is in the early months of pregnancy and hoping it will take!).

I've never had the chance to put out a project of all my own songs (even though I did write all the songs for Thursday James, my first band). And I'm not much of an instrumentalist so I do require a LOT of help to do so. So, this is exciting and new and scary. The pic above is from the first recording session yesterday. We worked on the first song - some items were added, some removed, timing adjusted, a word changed. I left getting used to the changes (like when you walk out of a salon with a new haircut and have to give it a little time, even when it's great). We're early as yet in the process, so a lot more is to be done. I hope I am up to the challenge, and that we'll have something beautiful to share with you later this year.

Is there anything in your life that has taken back burner for too long? I hope that in this new decade, you'll be able to give more space to your creative projects, your dreams, your big ideas. I hope that your paths cross with those you need in order to help them become reality. Let me know if I can help! Best of wishes in the New Year, C.

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