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New Year & New Thoughts

It's a strange change that's come over me right now, uncharacteristic. Most who know me know I've jumped at the chance to read at open mics (and sing at them), but I'm inexplicably recoiling from that right now. That seems a strange word, but it fits.

Still, for the next little while, I will read - at my church's open mic, at the open mic my friend Marcy is featuring at, and then the two releases for Erin's book. Then... I don't know what then.

Right now, I'm planning to follow the instinct, my gut. I'll stop. I'll listen. I'll read (books, that is). I'll wait. I do have another project I am contributing to at the moment - working with my community at Mercy Vineyard Church to open our space on Sunday evenings to university students for study and connection. We start a week from tomorrow. I'm looking forward.

If you're wondering why I'm starting this blog now, that makes two (or more!) of us. I stopped blogging when I got back from my 7 years away from Minnesota, with the exception of a travel blog on my 2 month trip around the U.S. in 2011. I'm not sure if I will post very often here. Recently, I'd felt a bit like I needed somewhere on my site to say a bit more than I do under 'The Latest' on the main page. And then today I accidentally clicked an odd icon while editing the site, which suggested it as well. Just a coincidence, perhaps, or not. So here you go.

For my poetry folks out there, please do come out and support Erin at her book release for Disability Isn't Sexy - she is an amazing poet and I am proud to be her friend.

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