How It Happens

Salutations. Greetings. Un placer.

It isn't all the time we meet like this -

only on blue moons or during auspicious

alignments of the planets.

Would you like to be my friend for the rest of my life?

A different kind of love at first sight. How do we know,

or don't we? Each step we take appears small and in-

substantial, yet in a moment we don't expect, we spill

our hearts, and the glue of it bonds us - a different two

than we were before

closer to one.

- 2/3/2018



Note: If you encounter persons needing free meal locations,  you can text 'food' to 877-877 and give them your zip code, and they will text you locations of said free meals.



clouds curl 'cross the op'ning sky

float fairy-like and dissipate

melting cotton candy in the mouths of glass and steel

suckling on the sea of air

how small we are beyond the blue

nor do we see that other view

like mice beneath the edifice

God sees the galaxies; we see this

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